Lent at St Mary’s

Lent is the name given to the forty days before Easter, set aside as a time of spritual preparation during which Christians usually give something up and take on some particular task or devotion. The forty days of Lent mirror the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness at the beginning of his earthly ministry, just after his baptism in the River Jordon.


The choices of what to give up are many and varied, and people often choose something like chocolate or alcohol. What every you chose, make sure it is something that you will really miss, and give the matter some thought before Lent begins!


Lent is not just about giving things up and many people will take on either an additonal task or challenge, or set aside time for study, prayer and devotion. The Lent programme at St Mary’s is drawn up to help Christians use these forty days to deepen their faith and their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Weekly Programme

Sunday Evenings at 5pm

Evening Prayer with a Reflection on one of the Beatitudes


Tuesday Evenings at 8pm in the Vicarage

Lent Study Group looking at the writers of the New Testament


Wednesday Evenings at 7.30pm

The devotion of Stations of the Cross, followed by Mass


Thursday Mornings at 11am

The devotion of Stations of the Cross