We delighted to support a member of the congragation who is going to do some international volunteering in the new year. She has provided the following introduction to herself and the work she will be undertaking in Palestine.


My name is Jennifer Hammond and I am a member of St Mary’s congregation who, from January, will be volunteering internationally. I am 23, am born and bred in Burnham and have recently left my Graduate job at Nestlé to pursue my passion for charity work. 

I have been chosen as a participant on the International Citizen Service scheme. International Citizen Service (ICS) is an opportunity for volunteers, like me, to help some of the poorest people in the world and learn valuable new skills at the same time. It’s a programme that brings young people from different countries together to fight poverty. As young people, we are the best placed to do this and change the world for the future. Moreover, I will have the opportunity to increase my understanding and experience of the world and develop important skills such as global and cultural awareness, team-working, leadership, communication and decision-making. I will be volunteering specifically in Palestine with the charity International Service for three months starting in January. During this time I will be living with a local family in Palestine and will be involved in a community work project along with a counterpart young volunteer from the region. 

As part of my volunteer commitment, I have been asked to fundraise £800 for International Service. I have already started planning Cake Sales, Quiz Nights and making Christmas Gifts. I am also undertaking four weeks of sponsored activity, including currently “Living on £1 a day”. For more information about the charity International Service, as well as my fundraising and how to donate, please visit my blog – www.icsvolunteering.blogspot.co.uk


Thank you. 


We look forward to hearing from Jenny as she updates us on her fundrasing and her volunteering.