Only the Bishop can administer the sacrament of Confirmation, as a result candidates are prepared by their local Church and then attend one of the special services organised within the Dengie. Preparation involves attending a series of sessions which cover the basics of the Christian faith, and help the candidates think about their relationship with God, and also the promises and declarations they are about to make. Because of the serious nature of these promises, and the commitment that is to be made, it is advisable for candidates for Confirmation to be in their mid-teens or older. During the service of Confirmation, the bishop will ask the candidates to make their promises and confirm their faith, before the laying on of hands and the anointing with the oil of Chrism.

Please contact the Church if you would like to be confirmed so that you can receive the details of the next preparation course and confirmation service.

Admittance to Communion

The sacrament of Confirmation has become associated in popular culture with the ability to receive Holy Communion, during services. However this is not the historical origin of this Sacrament, and the Church of England has rediscovered this heritage, and given permission for children to be admitted to Communion, before receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

St Mary’s in Burnham has this permission and has found that allowing children aged 8 (Year 3) and above to receive communion, enables them to feel a greater sense of involvement in the life of the worshiping community.

Worship and Prayer

Preparation for Confirmation or for Admittance to Communion will involve attending worship at St Mary’s. Please see the appropriate pages on the website with details of the services and worship available at St Mary’s both on a Sunday and during the week.

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